About The Band and its' leader

A few words from Dave Pearson

My part is simple. At an early age I studied piano at the Truscott School of Music in North Harrow (Kenton), Middlesex. During the 60's I played in venues in London, such as The Plough Jazz Club in Brixton and depped for two winter seasons with a quartet opposite The Charles Johnson Band at the Caxton Hall. My very last paid gig was in October 1966 for the Redhill and Reigate Conservative Club.

I ceased playing partly because my country-wide marketing career demanded it and also because of the lack of the necessary music study and practice time. So it was then, that as a failed piano player in 1970 I met with Terry Porter (BBC musical arranger, award winner and acclaimed lead trumpet player). With his help and guidance, I eventually took over a several times reformed orchestra, which I have had the privelege of working with over the last 40 years.

There have been many changes of personnel throughout the years. In recent years I have been very lucky and grateful to call upon the experience of Jan Zawada, lead trumpet and outstanding soloist, together with John Hammond, a percussion genius; also Ian Luxford lead trombone, and Colin Campbell, sax section leader. They have helped me maintain the band's musical direction and keep the standard of the music at the constant high quality all the musicians achieve. Additionally I would like to thank the late Maurice Deans (trumpet & soloist) for his experience, help and advice.

The regular band members

Jan Zawada (lead), Alan Flood, Andy Urquhart, Ian Webber, Steve Hatfield, Jock McKenzie

Ian Luxford (lead), (John Hill), Matt Carless, Adrian Clift (John Mason), Peter Jones (Bass)

Colin Campbell (lead alto and sax section leader), Louise Boyer, Craig Henderson (lead tenor), Paul Daff (Stan Hyam), David Wales (baritone)

Chris Paradine (Piano), Malcolm Parrot (Bass), John Hammond (Drums), Terry Flynn (Vibes, retd), Dave Brown (Congo & Vocals)

Sound Engineer
We'd like to acknowledge the great work done by John Mason.

We are very privileged to have some of the finest musicians coming into The Band occasionally when one or more of the Guys are unable to be with us. Our thanks go out to them for their support.